• ExpressVPN Black Friday 2020

  • Black Friday is ahead and you know what it means: all VPN services big and small will offer the biggest discounts of the year. ExpressVPN is very special.


    The popular VPN provider is hoping to boost sales with a special vacation deal so their customers get excellent VPN protection for just a fraction of the regular price. If you're thinking of updating your online security, Black Friday 2019 is probably the best time for that to happen.


    This year, ExpressVPN offers a 15-month special offer that saves you 49% on your subscription. But the good news doesn't stop there; If you decide to renew your subscription after the first 15 months, you will receive the same price next year.


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    Enjoy electronic speed, enhanced security, complete anonymity and complete internet freedom at incredibly affordable prices with the best VPN services on the market, selected by our VPN experts.


    We tested ExpressVPN with popular torrent messengers such as kBittorrent, uTorrent, and Deluge. The VPN worked perfectly to hide our IP address without additional options, and it is actively encouraged to be used with the torrent client of your choice on your website.


    ExpressVPN is not only fast but also secure. Reduced protection and a reliable kill version called "Network Block" makes you anonymous even if your internet connection is dropped. These functions are absolutely necessary for torrents and do not require any manual changes.


    Strong encryption ensures your torrent files will remain private, while advanced features like leak protection and shared tunneling allow you to choose the apps and services you want to route through the VPN tunnel.


    The only problem with using ExpressVPN for ExpressVPN black friday copuon torrenting is that it doesn't allow port forwarding. This means that you can technically still upload or "download" torrent files, but speeds will be very slow. Torrenting is all about sharing and helping other users - although you can download files properly, you're not just a team player.


    ExpressVPN is a legal and highly secure VPN service that uses the highest level of encryption to keep your data private and secure. Its applications basically use AES-256-bit encryption in conjunction with the OpenVPN protocol, R96 4096-bit key and HMAC SHA-512 authentication, the encryption standard recommended by governments and banks.


    Advanced features include a reliable VPN killer version, shared tunneling, and TrustedServer, a proprietary technology that ensures your data is never written to the VPN server's hard drive. Also, we did not detect any data leaks during the search.


    In addition, ExpressVPN runs its own private DNS servers without any knowledge. This means that all your DNS requests (websites you visit) are processed and forwarded by ExpressVPN and not your ISP or a third party. This is an important step for a VPN provider and offering only the best services.